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We are committed to making products made in Japan and offer products that we thought most about children with the technology cultivated through manufacturing for about 100 years.



Randsel is a Japanese style of backpack usually made of firm stitched Artificial leather. Randsel backpacks are overwhelmingly popular in Japan, where over 90% of elementary schoolchildren use them to carry their books to school.



Seiban is a leading manufacturer of randsel backpacks, with a market share of about 30%.
Seiban’s randsel backpacks are manufactured under the Tenshinohane brand. Their familiarity in the domestic market is near-universal, with a nationwide recognition level of about 70% that rises to 94% among the target market (mothers of preschoolers in Japan).

market share

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Randsel Backpacks are designed to last the entire six years of elementary school, with a child-friendly design that is tough, reliable, light and easy to use.


Mede in Japan

Based on our manufacturing technology that has been developed since our foundation in 1919, Seiban has focused on randsel backpack production and sales since 1946 and has always been committed to fabricating randsel domestically in Japan.

Qualiyt Test

At Seiban, we undertake quality testing for durability, safety and comfort so that children can easily carry their randsel backpack everyday for 6 years.


Seiban’s randsel backpacks are made with qualities that have children in mind.

For Material

Seiban uses artificial leather
with a broad range of characteristics.

Seiban's Randsel IN JAPAN

Randsel Backpacks are available in department stores and major supercenters throughout Japan.
Seiban also has its own stores in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Miyage.
Be sure to check out a Seiban store on your next trip to Japan.

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