SBased on our manufacturing technology that has been developed since our foundation in 1919, Seiban has focused on randsel backpack production and sales since 1946 and has always been committed to fabricating randsel domestically in Japan.

In order to make Seiban’s randsel backpacks, we rely on the eyes and hands of craftspeople who are skilled in every stage of the process, from cloth cutting, sewing, stitching and completion until the final inspection.
For this reason, approximately 180 craftspeople are required to complete one of Seiban’s randsel backpacks.
Thanks to the characteristics of Japanese craftspeople, who have the patience and special attention to detail that disallows any subtle displacement or distortion, as well as our manufacturing techniques that have been built up over many years, Seiban makes high-quality randsel backpacks with a sense of warmth.

For Japanese elementary school students, a randsel backpack is not simply a bag to carry textbooks and notebooks. It is an essential partner that accompanies them throughout the 6 years of elementary school, when they experience significant changes in their mind and body as they grow up together with their backpack.
It is for this reason that our customers require such a high level of quality. In order to meet their expectations, Seiban continues to carefully make randsel backpacks by hand in the great manufacturing nation of Japan.