~ Seiban’s randsel backpacks are made with qualities that have children in mind. ~

1. “Tenshinohane (Angel’s Wings)” Makes It Feel Lighter Than the Actual Weight

Seiban makes backpacks that do not place a burden on children’s bodies, not only by reducing the weight but also by lightening the load the children feel when they actually carry it on their back after putting in something heavy, such as textbooks. A wide range of features including “Tenshinohane (Angel Wings)” have been crafted so that the backpacks feel light to the children. “Tenshinohane (Angel Wings)” are built into the shoulder belts to disperse the heaviness of the contents and to lighten the weight the children feel on their shoulders. In addition, parts called “Sekan” that connect the shoulder belts and the body of the randsel backpacks move sideways in connection with each other. This helps both of the shoulder belts to open and close at the same angle even when children shake their bodies, and prevents the shoulder belts from wobbling or misaligning.
Seiban values “affectionate manufacturing” and is thoroughly dedicated to not just the visible factors such as the design and colors, but also to the invisible details of our products like the development of functions and materials that give consideration to the growth of the children.

Seiban’s randsel backpacks are made with qualities that have children in mind.

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~ Seiban’s randsel backpacks are made with qualities that have children in mind. ~

Tenshinohane (Angel’s Wings)

The “Tenshinohane (Angel’s Wings)” resin parts inside the shoulder belts hold the shoulder belts up.
This allows the randsel backpack to neatly fit with the child’s back, which lessens the load on their shoulders and waist by distributing the weight.

2. A Variety of Features to Prevent Losing Shape

A randsel backpack is used by children everyday for 6 years while they go to elementary school. This means that we at Seiban take special care in order to develop and manufacture randsel backpacks that are solid, reliable and trustworthy for 6 years, so they can graduate together.

For the inner pouch section that can easily lose shape, we use a “Tough Karu Plate” that has been uniquely developed by Seiban to be a light and durable core material with a double layered structure for randsel backpacks. In addition, by using a 3-sided unified form for the body of the “Tough Karu Plate”, the load on the randsel backpack is dispersed to prevent it losing shape. The durability of the randsel’s body is heightened thanks to the “321 structure” of 3 sides, 2 layers and 1 body.

A Variety of Features to Prevent Losing Shape

Furthermore, the opening to take out study materials is one of the most easily damaged sections, so tough deformation preventative resin and wire reinforcement are used to prevent scuffing and the loss of shape. Even if the randsel backpack is pushed hard, the form is maintained and loss of shape is prevented.

With these kinds of varied features installed, a key characteristic of Seiban’s randsel backpacks is that even after 6 years they don’t have noticeable defects or blemishes, and it is difficult for them to lose shape.

3. Peace of Mind and Safety Features that Protect Children From School Commute Anxieties

It is rather difficult for a family to watch over the safety of their children on their way to and from school. Seiban carefully considers the safety that our randsel backpacks can provide to children through our simulation of worrisome events that can occur during the school commute.

Hooks on the side of the backpack are very convenient for hanging lunch items bags etc.
However, they may tangle with bikes and cars when they pass, or in the worst case they may even get caught and dragged along. To prevent this kind of dragging accident, Seiban’s randsel backpacks are installed with “Separate Safety Hooks” that automatically disconnect when there is a strong pressure applied (approximately 12 kg).

As reflective material is attached on the front, back and sides, safety is also assured during a dark night or rainy day during the school commute.

In case of a possible emergency such as kidnapping, a “Security Buzzer Hook” is installed to hang a security buzzer on the shoulder belts on either side. To provide peace of mind, this allows children to easily reach a security buzzer during an emergency.

Seiban’s Randsels have many features that protect children from the various risks associated with their school commute.
Seiban will continue to enhance these functions to ease your family’s worries.

Peace of Mind and Safety Features that Protect Children From School Commute Anxieties

Installed in
All Models

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Signaling with the reflection